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  1. [April 1990] - Then Elder Russel M. Nelson gives a talk "Thus Shall My Church Be Called" emphasizing the full name of the LDS Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  2. [October 1990] - President Gordon B. Hinckley states that it's okay to use the term Mormon as it means More Good, in a talk titled "Mormon Should Mean 'More Good'."
  3. [2001] - launches.
  4. [July 2010] - I'm a Mormon Campaign kicks off, where members of the LDS church are encouraged to create a profile on titled "I'm a Mormon."
  5. [October 2014] - Mormon Newsroom publishes an article titled "Mormonism 101: What is Mormonism?"
  6. [August 2018] - Now President Russel M. Nelson reaffirms the name of the church saying it's been impressed upon his mind to no longer use the term Mormon when referring to the church or members of the church as it is a victory for Satan.
  7. [March 2019] - LDS Church changes domain names for and to and respectively. Changes to and also undergo changes.
  8. [January 2020] - LDS Church changes Handbooks 1 and 2, discontinuing them and announcing a new handbook which combines both 1 and 2 together for all to read. The use of the word Mormon is discontinued in the handbook, as well as other wording changes throughout.

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